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3303 MX

3450 MX Aussie

3450 MX Gold Chrome

>Lens Lock System
Articulated outriggers
3-Layer face foam
 Extra wide 50mm no-slip silicone strap

>SCOTT TruView single WORKS lens
NoFog™ Anti-Fog lens treatment


>2-Layer face foam
No-slip silicone strap

>SCOTT Truview single WORKS lens
NoFog™ Anti-Fog lens treatment


>Optimized for prescription glasses

>3-Layer face foam
No-slip silicone strap

>SCOTT Truview single WORKS lens
NoFog™ Anti-Fog lens treatment


>Fighter Pilot Inspired Design

>Oversized Spherical Snow Lense

>7 lense Vents 10 frame vents

>Soft Cleaning storage Pouch

>Guaranteed to fit perfectly on all 509 helmets

>Industry leading limited lifetime warranty


New fixed outriggers, move the strap position forward providing a perfect fit with your 509 helmet. Our unique edge pressure outrigger, provides a perfect seal along the outer edge of the goggles, not 2'' in at the outrigger post like our competitors. This ensures a perfect fit and seal and eliminates fogging.

>Quick change lense technology

>Dual pane snow lense

>Contoured tripel layer foam

>Premium silicon lined strap


The Progrip goggles are one fo the most famous masks on the market.

Used by man of World Championship riders in MX, Enduro and other similar motorsports is a meaning of success and prestige.

>Triple ply felted foam for the most comfortable fit on the market

>Progrips patented NO FOG lens Technology

> Triple layer silicone beaded strap, pre cut foam and moulded channels for ear stems to fit most prescription glasses

>Progrips fastest light sensitive lense on the market

The main feature that puts the 3450 on many podiums is: no fog (Progrip pantented NO FOG lense technology rated in the best NO FOG performance on the market

The Tyrant Snow Cross goggle is technically advanced with features like the SCOTT fit system and a dual pane OptiView lens. Matching this with the Composite snow face foam and RAM Air ventilation, makes it a top choice for anyone serious about performance.

A true competitor’s goggle, the Hustle is the top choice of many professional riders. With the option of either a clear or chrome WORKS lens and the NoFog™ Anti-Fog lens treatment this goggle is made to provide clear, unobstructed vision.